360 Panoramic view system

By installing 4 wide-angle cameras that can cover all the field of view around the vehicle, processes the multiple video images collected at the same time into a 360-degree top view of the vehicle's surroundings. The top view displayed on the screen of the center console allows the driver to clearly check whether there are obstacles around the vehicle and understand the relative orientation and distance of the obstacles, helping the driver to easily park the vehicle.



- 3D panoramic imaging, wider view field
- 1-8 traffic record
- Moving object detection
- 8 video inputs
- Video upload function, support 4G full Netcom, remote real-time viewing of video
- One key alarm (SOS)
- Fusions:Due to special regulations, commercial vehichles are equipped with many safety driving assistance monitoring equipment, etc. The 360 host can perform fusion processing on external devices, and can integrate the entire vehicle radar and ADAS, tire pressure monitoring, etc.

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