Product introduction
SE5 is a product specifically designed for front-mounted road preview vision systems for passenger cars. The product integrates road elevation detection, road surface target detection, road impact excitation detection, and all-terrain detection functions, and can detect various bumps, potholes, speed bumps, manhole covers, and residual concrete protrusions on the road. It also supports detecting the type of ground material, evaluating the ground adhesion coefficient, and providing ground sensing information for active and semi-active suspension systems and drive braking systems to improve vehicle control, smoothness and passability experience.

Main Functions
Road surface elevation detection: It can densely detect changes in road surface elevation within a certain range in front of the vehicle and output the data externally. The detection range covers the left and right rut areas respectively, and can be used to support the development of active/semi-active suspension systems.

Road surface target detection: It can detect typical road surface targets within a certain range in front of the vehicle and output data externally. Typical road surface targets refer to common road surface obstacles such as speed bumps, manhole covers, potholes, bulges, cracks, railway crossings and bridge joints that cause discontinuous changes in road surface elevation. The product can output the feature's ID, longitudinal and lateral distance, as well as the feature's shape, forward depth, lateral width and vertical elevation.

Road impact excitation detection: It can use the three-dimensional perception ability of the binocular camera to detect road undulations, identify possible impact excitation events in the left and right wheel track areas, and output graded signals according to the excitation degree of the event, which can be used by the chassis controller to adjust the suspension system. working status to improve the vehicle ride comfort experience.

All-terrain detection: It can detect landform types within a certain range ahead and provide landform type classification results and confidence levels. The body controller adjusts the working status of the chassis drive braking system and suspension system according to the signal to improve the intelligence level of the chassis. The product supports the identification of different road scenarios such as ordinary hard roads, grass, gravel, ice and snow, swamp, thick sand, rock, and wading.


Functional indication

Installation location

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