Fatigue driving and the inability to estimate the height of your own vehicle and the height of height-limiting devices (height-limiting poles and bridge openings) are the main reasons why RVs, buses and trucks collide with height-limiting devices. Such accidents not only cause casualties and property losses, but also cause adverse social impact.

In response to the above market demand, Smarter Eye launched a vehicle-mounted height limit detection system based on binocular stereo vision - SE2. Even if there is no sign board on the height-limiting device, SE2 can accurately detect the height of the height-limiting device and give an early warning. 

While the vehicle is driving, SE2 will sense the road environment in front of the vehicle in real time. When there is a height limit pole, tunnel or overpass in front of the vehicle that the vehicle cannot pass, SE2 will issue audible and visual reminders to the driver to help the driver reduce collisions caused by unfamiliarity with the vehicle height or distraction.



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