Jan.2022 25
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Tianjin News takes you to explore the "super intelligence" of Smarter Eye
"Super Intelligence" is the first Chinese TV news column focusing on the field of artificial intelligence, jointly launched by Tianjin Radio and Television Station, China New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Research Institute and Jinyun New Media Group.
Recently, the "Super Intelligence" program team of Tianjin TV Station entered the Tianjin Smarter Eye, and introduced the binocular vision technology in automatic driving, as well as the binocular sensor, height limit warning system, AEB active safety system and so on through an easy-to-understand case demonstration.
The program began by introducing the Baidu Apollo, the widely praised L4 level driverless vehicle launched in China. Baidu Apollo is equipped with a binocular camera from Smarter Eye. At the same time, Baidu is also an investor in Smarter Eye.

"Super Intelligence" visited CAI Huawei, general manager of Tianjin Smarter Eye, to start a journey to explore the secrets of the eyes of unmanned vehicles.

Then, Meng Ran, co-founder of Smarter Eye. introduced the mystery of the core product - binocular stereo camera.
Through two simple experiments, the advantages of binocular camera imaging over monocular camera imaging can be clearly seen.

Next, through the height limit pole test, the safe driving experience brought by the Smarter Eye Height Limit Warning System to self-driving travelers was verified. This height limit warning product has been installed on SAIC Maxus RVs and is expected to become a standard feature of RVs.

Finally, CAI Huawei said: Tianjin Smarter Eye landed in Tianjin Xiqing Development Area in June 2021, which was strongly supported by Tianjin Municipal government and Haihe Fund. In the future, the company will be committed to providing more technical solutions for the field of autonomous driving to make travel safer and more comfortable.

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