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Smarter Eye won the exclusive appointment for the luxury flagship model of the leading new energy vehicle manufacturer
Recently, Smarter Eye received a fixed-point notice letter from a new energy main engine factory. The company's binocular road pre-viewing system has been the exclusive spot of its luxury flagship passenger car brand models.

In this project, the stereo vision technology is deeply combined with the needs of the chassis intelligent scene, and the 3D field of view environment is reconstructed in real time according to the binocular parallax principle. At the same time, the fourth dimension - cooperative perception of material semantics is added, so as to expand the dense perception information capacity. The combination of four-dimensional vision can best respond to the requirements of the "near-ground perception" scene, so as to enhance the chassis intelligence level of high-end new energy passenger cars.

As the first company to launch a stereoscopic vision solution based on AI platform in China, Smarter Eye has rich experience in scene development including structured roads and unstructured various types of ground, and has successfully developed the first full-stack functional prototype vehicle for road pre-viewing in China. This not only marks an important step in the field of chassis intelligence, but also profoundly verifies that the company has the closed-loop capability of full stack technology from the bottom hardware to the upper algorithm application, from perception to control and execution.
At present, the road previewing system supports six functions: road elevation detection, road surface target detection, road impact excitation detection, all-terrain detection, as well as high and wide detection, chassis obstacle detection.
The system is combined with the active and semi-active suspension system to realize the adaptive control of the car body in the vertical direction, which can not only further improve the vibration reduction effect and significantly improve the intelligent driving ride comfort and comfort of the vehicle, but also has the functions of height limit detection, width limit detection, chassis obstacle detection and other functions to support accurate perception linkage and ensure the safe passage of the vehicle. In addition, the system can sense different unstructured ground types, quickly judge and adjust the vehicle control mode, thereby improving vehicle stability and passability. This not only effectively improves the driving experience of People's Daily travel, but also applies to outdoor off-road scenes in greater depth.
The project location of this new stereo vision solution not only indicates that Smarter Eye occupies the industry leading position in the "near ground perception" scene represented by road pre-viewing and all-terrain function; It also means that Smarter Eye will be based on the development experience of full-stack technology closed-loop capability, rich terrain data accumulation, scenario-based solution innovation, and multi-platform deployment capabilities, deepen the diversified scenario applications in the field of vehicle perception, join hands with more ecological partners, and bring new kinetic energy for the upgrade and development of chassis intelligence in the vehicle life cycle.
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